20/20 Life Vision Challenge Day 1 The Rocking Chair 5 Minute Meditation

DAY 1: MEDITATION – The Rocking Chair

Hello and welcome to the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge Day 1!

This 5 minute meditation could change your life, if you let it.

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The 20/20 Life Vision Challenge is a 30 day life vision journey that could, if you allow it to, transform your life.  I am Arman, and I will be your guide.  Let’s start with a 5 minute meditation called ‘The Rocking Chair’.  Get comfortable, put your cell phone on silent, turn off the TV and dim the lights.  Put on some soft music if that helps you with this visualization exercise.

Ready?  Now picture yourself in this rocking chair, at 90 years old.  You are with your grand children, reflecting back on your life.  Hear the waves softly coming to the shore, as you watch the sun gracefully setting in the distance.  Your grand kids want to know about your life.  What will you share with them?  Keep your eyes closed and meditate on this deeply – your life, what it has been, and how you will tell this story to the next generation.

OK, now come back to the present day – December 2, 2015 (or whenever you read this) – and feel who you are right now, in relation to that 90 year old man or woman whose eyes you just saw the world through for the last 5 minutes.


(1) Write down your best memories (at least 3), regrets (up to 3) and defining moments (at least 3).  These can be from life experiences to-date, or imagined, from what you hope to experience between now and the age of 90.

(2) How did you feel when you were in that 90 year old’s body and mind, reflecting back on your life?

Remember, anything you write can be done privately or shared on one of our social networks, with a #2020life hashtag.  It’s up to you as to how public or private you want to be with your goals and memories.

See you tomorrow for Day 2!

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