20/20 Life Vision Challenge What Do You Want To Do More Or Less Of?

DAY 2: MEDITATION – What Do You Want To Do More Or Less Of?

Welcome to Day 2 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge!

Life Categories – What Do You Want To Do More Or Less Of?

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If you still haven’t completed your Day 1 Assignment (The Rocking Chair) of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge, go back and do so before proceeding.  If you did, I am sure that it prompted some deep reflection on your life path.  Today, we are continuing to meditate, moving now to a more specific and immediate area of your life, life categories.

What if you could wake up next week and spend your time doing whatever you really want to do?  Think about your life right now, and what typical weekdays and weekends are like.  How would you break down your life, in terms of categories; and then, estimate how much time you spend on each area in a given week – 168 hours?  What specifically would you like to do more of?  Less of?  Who would you like to spend more time with?  Less time with?  Where would you like to spend more time, and less time?  Imagine that next week, anything is possible.

I am a proponent of having people create their own Life Categories, and using whatever naming conventions they prefer; however, in the end, it all really maps to the same core activities.  Sleep is sleep, work is work, etc.  As for me, I break my life, at this current era, down into 7 main categories and 40 or so sub-areas within those 7 categories.  I call those sub-areas “bugs”, which is where the concept for Timebug was born.  You can use my Life Categories (listed below, with an example of the weekly time allocation) or something that better fits how you think about and manage your life.


  1. Spirituality [13h]
  2. Core Work [28h]
  3. Special Projects (also Work, but for me, more exciting, exploratory ventures like the creation of 7 Pillars and Timebug!) [27h]
  4. Skills & Education [3h]
  5. Personal Life (includes Family time, friends, “me time”, hobbies, etc) [42h]
  6. Basic Needs (like Sleeping, Eating, etc) [51h]
  7. Health & Wellness [4h]


  1. Spirituality [15h] +2
  2. Core Work [23h] -5
  3. Special Projects [30h] +3
  4. Skills & Education [5h] +2
  5. Personal Life [41h] -1
  6. Basic Needs [49h] -2
  7. Health & Wellness [5h] +1

Try not to get intimidated by the numbers – get comfortable with them.  Estimate broadly or be as detailed as you want to be.  If you have a lot of combinations, where you seem to do multiple things at a time, and aren’t sure how to categorize that time, just split it up in a reasonable way.  For example, you spend an hour a day Eating (one category) with the Family (another category) – so that can be split, half-an-hour to Eating and half-an-hour to Family Time.  Ultimately, the more accurate you can be regarding your current time allocation, to different Life Categories, the more useful this type of process can be.  Use a notepad or a spreadsheet – whatever works for you – to complete this exercise.  No restrictions.  Simply make sure that the numbers add up to 168 hours.  This is your Life Vision after all!


(1) Determine your own Life Categories (keep it between 3 and 10), and break down how much time you currently spend on each in a typical week (168 hours).

(2) Now, do the same week’s breakdown assuming you can run your life the way that you ideally think would be best and most fulfilling for you, while being considerate and responsible to others who are important to you (ie. family, friends, etc).  If that requires the creation of new Categories, then go for it!

(3) Write down at least 3 things that you want to do less of in general (ie. “Watching TV”) and then 3 things that you want to do more of.

Best of luck with this assignment, and see you tomorrow for Day 3.

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