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By Arman Rousta, Entrepreneur, CEO of Blueliner & Inventor of the Timebug Life Management System.

Do you have 20/20 vision? Why do they say “hindsight is 20/20” – is the past perfectly clear to us? Can you see into your future and make it exactly what you want it to be?

Well, I am about to take you through a 30-day journey, that will, if you follow the recommended process, give you a clearer vision – closer to 20/20 – as we approach 2020, which is just 5 years away. The 2020 Life Vision Challenge is just what it says – a personal challenge for us all, as masters of our own respective destinies, to create a clear vision for what we want our lives to look and feel like over the next five years, culminating in December 2020. In order to do so, you must first take stock of your current “Life Status” – where do you stand right now, across different areas of your life, from career, to health, to relationships? Most importantly, how do you feel right now? I will guide you through a look back over the past 5 years, to see what you have done as of late to arrive at this particular point. Have you set yourself up well to make a strong 2020 run?

All I need is 15-30 minutes of your time every day for the next 30 days, or whenever you choose to start. Ideally, you would start on Dec 2, and continue through Dec 31, 2015, so that you can have the vision fully in place just before the start of 2016. If you miss days or start later, you can always pack 2-3 days worth of lessons into one, to catch up; or just let it float into Jan 2016.

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How can I help you? Over the past 22 years, I have been through almost every goal-setting and motivational type of program there is; and have picked up some good tips from most. Always a self-starter, I have found my niche as an entrepreneur and seeker of Truth, which has brought me a modicum of success and happiness in all facets of life – personal and professional. This Challenge is about sharing what I have learned with those who, like me, are always yearning for something bigger and better for themselves.

In these various programs that I have studied, something always seemed to be missing – and that was the element where we hold ourselves and each other accountable to our goals and promises. Nowadays, with the Quantified Self movement, there are different kinds of apps and tools that can help with this, and I will share some of those with you during this month. I have even created my own system, called Timebug, which helps us to plan and account for our time, responsibilities, relationships and goals. One of the cornerstones of my process is a holistic and detailed view of how we spend our time and energy. If you think about it, there really isn’t anything in life beyond Time and Energy. So if we focus on those two things – 1) Time being the precious gift of life itself, and 2) Energy being what we create or how we interact with the different forces of life – we can accomplish anything. If you don’t believe me, then I ask you to suspend judgment and take the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge, and make a full commitment for 30 days; then let me know what you think.

I have also assembled a Panel of Experts, across different areas of life, from Health & Fitness to Relationships to Spirituality, that will chime in during this month-long journey, infusing a supportive, guiding energy to the process.

Most importantly, I will share with you my own journey and 2020 Life Vision creation. You will see how I have been tracking and reporting on my goals since 1998, and have continued to refine my approach. I will teach you about the 7 Goal Types, and share why each Type is important to consider. You will get a peak at my (very) detailed 5 Year Life Report from 2011-2015, where I have accounted for every minute of my time – yep, all 8,760 hours per year +24 hours for the 2012 leap year, a nice bonus!

Here is how it works.

  • You’ll need 15-30 minutes a day; and can of course spend more time on it, if you are inspired to do so.
    Every day, you will receive an email, with a special written lesson, accompanied by an audio or video message, assignment and worksheet or form, to complete the assignment.
  • Complete the assignment and either save for your own eyes, share it with your trusted “Board of Advisors”, and/or share it with the community on the 2020lifevision.com website or one of our social networks with a #2020life hashtag.
  • Start again with the new assignment the next day.
  • There are three general phases, split into 10 days each. Phase 1 is Meditation & Discovery – Phase 2 is Self-Assessment – Phase 3 is Vision Creation.
  • By the end of 30 days, you will have a fresh, new Life Plan, with a focus on 2020, and shorter term action items for 2016. You will have some powerful new tools at hand, and a ton of new energy heading into the new year full steam ahead.

Nobody said it would be easy. But here we are, on the cusp of a new year, and the mid-point of a decade. There is no better time to assess your life and refresh your 2020 vision! Are you ready for the challenge? Then let’s get started.

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March Forth! – Arman Rousta

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