2020 Life Vision Challenge What Is Your Approach To Life Goals The 7 Goal Types

DAY 5: MEDITATION – What is Your Approach to Life Goals? The 7 Goal Types

Welcome to Day 5 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Life Goals

What is Your Approach to Life Goals? The 7 Goal Types

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What kind of attitude and approach do you have towards goal-setting and life goals? Do you not think about it much, just trying to make it through the days, or taking things as they come? Or are you a go getter and a task master? In looking back at my own goals over the years, I recognized the need for more classification, as there were vastly different types of goals; some goals are very specific and tangible, while others are based more on feelings and dynamics between people. This breakdown of the 7 Goal Types gave me more clarity on what exactly I wanted to achieve. I hope that it will do the same for you on your journey.

So here are the 7 Types of Goals. As you read through them, think about which ones are most relevant to you.

1. ET Type –Energy & Time allocation. ET implies the process of setting and tracking goals through the filters of how we allocate our time and energy.

2. AS Type – Achievements & Skills. “I want to speak Spanish fluently” or “I want to run a marathon”.  Things from your bucket list, and experiences that you would like to have, generally go in here.

3. HI Type – Health Indicators.  “I want to live and be healthy until 100.” or “I want to quit smoking.”  Anything to do with our own bodily health.

4. IQ Type – Internal Qualities. “I want to be more confident.” (While this is subjective, we can use a scale to measure this self-assessment)

5. PE Type – Place & Environment.  “I want to take more vacations this year.” or “I want to move to California within 5 years.”

6. MO Type – Material Outcomes. “I want to have $1 million dollars.” Or “I want to get six pack abs this year.”

7. RQ Type – Relationship Quality. “I want to have a better relationship with my father.” or “I want to be regarded as a well-liked colleague at my company.”

The distinctions of these 7 Goal Types are important because the approaches to attaining each Goal Type vary, and some, for example Material Outcomes, are often not under our direct control. The Types are ordered actually, from what is most under our control to what is least under our control. I encourage people to have all seven goal types, but to separate them out in order to have some clarity. There will be overlap, where certain goals fit into different types; in that case, I recommend assigning one as the primary type, and any others as secondary.

DAY 5 ASSIGNMENT: List out at least 10 of your recent goals (2015 annual goals would be ideal). Then classify them according to the 7 Goal Types noted above, using the short code letters. Most goals have a bit of each, which is why we use the word Dimensions.

Good luck and see you tomorrow for Day 6!

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