The 20/20 Life Vision Challenge Day 7 The Goals Of Others

DAY 6: MEDITATION – The Goals of Others

Welcome to Day 6 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! The Goals of Others

Unlock the worksheet for today’s exercise by clicking here.

Today, we look at the goals of others. If you’re jumping in here, I highly recommend going back and starting from Day 1, going through the program sequentially. If you’re feeling behind or “missed” a day, don’t fret – just carve out that 15-30 minutes, and restart from wherever you left off. Can you play catch up and do 2 or 3 a days? That is up to you, but I generally recommend against that. There is a science behind the 30 day cycle.  It is like building a muscle, through incremental, consistent efforts. Another analogy is that of food and digestion.  This is 30-40 days worth of food. You simply cannot eat it all at once!

Today, we are called upon to step outside of our own aspirations for a few moments, and genuinely direct our energy towards those around us, be it family, friends or colleagues at work or school. This is the other side of the Board of Advisors concept, where you received support from others. Now it’s your turn to give, and possibly sit on some Boards for other CEOofMes. What are their goals and dreams, and how can you play a small or large part in supporting them?  In 2012, I wrote a blog titled “How the Successes and Failures of Others Impact You” – it’s a quick read, take a look.

While I am a big believer in our individuality and self-determination, the big picture puts into perspective the reality that we are all connected and impact each other in very direct and also incredibly subtle ways.  Today’s lesson is a call to action for us to open our minds and hearts to this truth, and then ensure that it is a priority within our 20/20 Life Vision.  I am sure that you are already doing plenty of things to help the goals of others and to help other people; some of us are guilty of doing “too much” for others at the expense of our own needs – which is the other end of the pendulum from selfishness, and equally unsustainable.  There has to be balance in the way we work for our own goals versus those of others.  Wherever you can find ways to share common goals with others, be it at work or with your family, incredible opportunities for power, human connection and collective achievement exist (ie. think about a sports team winning a championship, and what the experience that they shared, and life long bonds created as a result).


  1. Choose 3 people in your life, who you really care about and feel that you can be a great source of support for. Write down their names and your relationship to them.
  2. Write down 3-5 of their goals, that you are aware of for 2016. If you are not sure, just ask them and tell them why!
  3. Articulate what you plan to do to support them, and how much time you estimate it will require from you in 2016.

I recommend that you utilize the Daily Worksheets to record your answers. At the end of the month, you’ll have a 30 Page Workbook, that forms the meat of your 20/20 Life Vision; and you will be asked to sign that document, making it a contract with your (Higher) Self.

See you tomorrow for Day 7!

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