20/20 Life Vision Challenge Day 9 Who Are Your Role Models?

DAY 9: MEDITATION – Who are your Role Models?

Welcome to Day 9 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Who are your Role Models?

Unlock the worksheet for today’s exercise by clicking here.

Phase 1 of the 30 day 20/20 Life Vision Challenge, which we are almost done with, is about Meditation and (Self) Discovery.

The intention is to go into the depths of our thoughts and feelings, in order to begin the process of drawing out (from our core) our deepest aspirations.  What is your life’s purpose?  Why have you come here, to Planet Earth, at this point in time, from this family and in this part of the world?  With a micro-effort, of 30 minutes a day, one step at a time, you are creating and refining that vision.

Back on Day 4, I introduced the concept of being the CEOofMe and building your Board of Advisors, a supporting cast of friends, family, colleagues and mentors, who you feel can and do positively support you in your journey.  Today, we bring a different angle to the influence of others – Role Models, Idols or Archetypes.  The difference between role models and mentors is that role models can be people that you either don’t know personally, or that you do not have regular contact with.  For example, when we are kids, we idolize movie stars, athletes and celebrities, for various reasons, not all of which are long lasting or necessarily beneficial.  Our (Western) society certainly puts a lot of unrealistic and fantastical ideas in our minds, through advertising and other subconscious forms of hero worship.  Hopefully, as we grow older, we are creating more separation between those fantasies and the realities of life.  We use the word archetype, because sometimes those role models may not necessarily be who we think they are – after all, do we really know who someone is that we may read about or see on TV, or is it the idea of them that we look up to?

From where you stand today, who do you consider to be your role models?  Hopefully, you have some direct contact with at least one or several people who you really look up to, and seek in some ways to emulate.  I do recommend identifying or finding at least one role model from your contacts; and then also having at least one who presents an ideal, that you do not personally know (ie. maybe someone in your trade that has achieved success).  Whose life looks good to you, not just in terms of what they may have materially, but in terms of their inner content, quality of their relationships and their aura – the energy that they give off?  Our role models often change as we evolve, moving through different phases of our lives; and therefore, it is OK to “retire” role models, in favor of new ones.

As you get your 20/20 Life Vision in motion, you will need plenty of fuel via inspiration from those who you look up to.  Today is the day that you give your role models a place in your arsenal, on your #2020Life Team.


Using the 20/20 Life Vision Day 9 Worksheet, answer the following question.

  1. Who are your current role models?  
    • A) List anywhere from 2-10.  [You can include types of people you aspire to have on board, as well as real people that are presently in your life.]
    • B) Note which Life Categories they influence.
    • C) To what degree do you know and interact with them personally?  [You can use some members from your Board of Advisors, if you consider them role models as well.  Remember, role models won’t necessarily be people who interact with you and give you feedback; but if they are able to do that as well, that is a great plus point!]
    • D) Why do you look up to this person?  What do you want to learn from them?

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