DAY 13: SELF-ASSESSMENT – Career…Am I Doing What I Love?

DAY 13: SELF-ASSESSMENT – Career…Am I Doing What I Love?

Welcome to Day 13 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Career…Am I Doing What I Love?

Unlock the worksheet for today’s exercise by clicking here.

Over the next 7 days, you will be tasked with assessing the last five years of your life, across different core areas:

  1. Career Assessment (Today)
  2. Financial Assessment
  3. Health Assessment
  4. Personality & Hobbies Assessment
  5. Relationship Assessment
  6. Place & Environment Assessment
  7. Spirituality Assessment

Reflecting back on Day 4 (Supporting Cast or Board of Advisors – BOA) and Day 9 (Role Models), prepare to reach out to your cast this week, in order to get some feedback, which will help you complete the assessments.  Ideally, you would have at least one person, a mentor or peer, to check-in with for each of the 7 assessments outlined above, starting with today’s focus – your Career Assessment.  It is alright to have the same person from your BOA in different areas, if you trust them to that degree.

When it comes to career, the key question that I ask is this – “To what degree are you doing what you love?” – to which I typically get one of several answers – “I am not sure what I love to do when it comes to work” or “That’s not realistic.  I work to make money.” or “Kind of.  I wanted to pursue this track, and I’m doing it.  I’m sorta happy with it.”   None of those answers are all that inspiring, but they reflect where most people – I would say 90% – are at in relation to their jobs.  So what do the other 10% – the ones who are living their dreams – know that the 90% does not?  They are purpose-driven people, who have a firm belief that we are all endowed with certain gifts and skills for a  reason; that if we put our energy into finding and pursuing that reason, that is the extent to which our work life is fulfilling.  If you are in the 90% or unsure, that is understandable, and you can still find a modicum of satisfaction and be successful from there.  Maybe your career is not the area of your life from which you look to draw energy and inspiration.  But if it is important to you, and you are not feeling satisfied, then a big percentage of your life force is being misdirected every week, and that impacts all other areas of your life.

Think back on the past 5 years, and what type of professional growth you experienced.  This is beyond monetary, although money can be a good indicator of your growth; therefore, feel free to use it as such.  Are you in the kind of role that allows your best characteristics to flourish?  Or do you feel suppressed at work?  Are there a handful of new skills that you have attained over this period?  How much do you enjoy going to work every day?  These questions and more, form the basis of today’s assignment.


  1. Salary & Compensation
    • How has your salary grown (or not) from Jan 2011 to Dec 2015 (5 full years)? [Jan 2011 Salary: $Xxx,xxx // Dec 2015 Salary: $YYY,YYY]
    • Do you feel like you are being paid fairly for what you offer?  [1) Yes, Beyond Fair; 2) No, Not Fair; or 3) Just About Right]
    • Did you meet whatever compensation goals you had set for yourself over the past 5 years?
    • How many hours do you work on average per week?  B) How has this changed since 2011?
  2. Fulfillment
    • How fulfilling is your work – how much do you love it or hate it? [1-10 Scale, 1 being “Hate It!” and 10 being “Love It!]
    • How did you feel about your work over the past 5 years?  [Same 1-10 Scale, for 2011, 2012, 2013 and 2014]
    • What is your motivation level at work right now?  [1-10 Scale, 1 being “Not Motivated” and 10 being “Highly Motivated”
  3. Achievements
    • List up to 5 meaningful achievements that you have had at work over the past 5 years?
    • What changed, if anything, as a result of these achievement?  [i.e. Check One or More, or Write in Your Own: You got  raise, You got a title increase, Colleagues recognized you more for your contributions, Your hours increased, Hours decreased, etc.]
  4. Shortcomings
    • What would your boss or a peer say about your performance at work?
    • What does your work mentor (assuming it is not your boss – if it is, no need to repeat answers here) think about your work performance?
    • What do you say, now for yourself – what were your shortcomings at work over these 5 year?
    • What price did you pay for your self-recognized or boss/colleague-perceived weaknesses over the past 5 years (can be for your current or multiple jobs, if you moved companies over this time period).

As always, best of luck!  See you tomorrow for Day 14.


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