DAY 15: SELF-ASSESSMENT - What About Me Time?

DAY 15: SELF-ASSESSMENT – Personal Aims & Hobbies…What About Me Time?

Welcome to Day 15 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge!

Unlock the worksheet for today’s exercise by clicking here.

Today, you will perform the 3rd of 7 assessments – Personal Aims & Hobbies – of the last five years of your life.  The overview of 7 assessments is below, illustrating what is completed, where we are today, and what is to come in the following days:

  1. Career Assessment (Day 13)
  2. Personal Finances Assessment (Day 14)
  3. Personal Aims & Hobbies Assessment (TODAY – Day 15)
  4. Health Assessment
  5. Relationships Assessment
  6. Place & Environment Assessment
  7. Spirituality Assessment

This is a hard Life Category to name.  So many things can fall into this, including some of the other categories; for example, “getting fit” can be a “personal aim”, and “playing golf” can be a “hobby”, although as a sport, it is also an aspect of your Health regimen.  While it is sensible for some things to cut across Life Categories, for the purpose of these exercises, I recommend that, if conflicted, you make a conscious choice about what the more relevant category is for that thing.  For this Assessment, we are classifying Personal Aims & Hobbies as any topic or area of your life, aside from Career, Health, Travel, Relationships and Spirituality, that is primarily for you – call it “Me Time”, as this is where you spend time and do what makes you happy.  Watching TV, reading books and learning a language are some examples.  With how busy life can be, it is very easy for some of us – and I will count myself as guilty of this from time to time – to neglect our own needs and interests.  Sometimes, we may just need to veg out on the coach, and catch up on our favorite Netflix or HBO series.  A life that is go-go-go all the time, is one that I predict is doomed for a crash at some near point.  We need to focus some energy on our hobbies to get a break from all the demands being put on us by work, family, society and ourselves!  One of the key things to consider here is whether or not you are choosing aims and hobbies that boost your energy versus ones that drain energy.

So let’s take a look back and see what you have done for yourself over the past 5 years.  Hopefully, you have been generous!


  1. List out the main items/hobbies that you spend time on in a typical month, nowadays.
    • B) How much time do you estimate that you spend each month?
    • C) How has that time spend increased or decreased since 2011? [Specify Hours per Month in 2011 or cite differences, per item, by hours per month]
    • D) What have you achieved in this area since 2011?
    • E) How does doing these activities make you feel?
    • F) Do you do these alone or with others?  And if so, with who generally?
  2. Which of these hobbies, if any, would you be willing to give up if some huge new priority came along, and required more of your time?
    • B) Which would you not give up under (almost) any circumstance?
  3. What Personal Aims & Hobbies were you not able to get going over the past 5 years, that you really wanted to do? {List up to 5]
    • B) What stopped you from initiating or continuing these hobbies?

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