DAY 16: SELF-ASSESSMENT – Health...Am I Taking Care of Myself?

DAY 16: SELF-ASSESSMENT – Health…Am I Taking Care of Myself?

Welcome to Day 16 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Health.

If you made it this far, congratulations – you have reached the mid-point of the process.

Unlock the worksheet for today’s exercise by clicking here.

Today, you will take on the 4th of 7 assessments – Health – of your current health status, as well as your health path over the last five years.  The overview of 7 assessments is below, illustrating what is completed, where we are today and what is to come in the following days.

Health, you will notice falls right in the middle, which is appropriate because our personal health truly is central to and connected to every aspect of our lives.  Hopefully, whether you have had this as a daily habit coming in, or you took the direction from Day 8 [Internal Energy Production], you have been meditating and exercising daily for at least the past eight days.  If so, I am sure that you feel fantastic right now!  If not, no worries – you can restart good health habits anytime.

  1. Career Assessment (Day 13)
  2. Personal Finances Assessment (Day 14)
  3. Personal Aims & Hobbies Assessment (Day 15)
  4. Health Assessment (TODAY – Day 16)
  5. Relationships Assessment
  6. Place & Environment Assessment
  7. Spirituality Assessment

Without your health in order, all the rest of your goals lose meaning and generally cannot be attained or enjoyed.  So that begs the question – how well are you taking care of yourself?  Nobody can do it for you.  Today, we will be putting you- literally, physically – under the microscope, to examine all aspects of your health.  I have brought in one of our health experts – David Owens – to guide this part of the 20/20 journey.  David is one of my closest friends; he is also my personal trainer, and in many ways, a big brother.  I trust him implicitly.  David has been in the fitness industry since 2002, was certified personal trainer through the Equinox Fitness Training Institute (EFTI), and is also certified in Ayurvedic Nutrition, GYROTONIC®, and Moral Physics® from the Salas Sommer Institute.  He is currently working on the Moral Courage Project with Irshad Manji.  David, take it away!



Hi Everyone, and thank you Arman for the gracious introduction and this invitation to participate in the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge – I am honored.  Your health is one of those valuable commodities that you may not pay attention to until it is compromised.

This is totally understandable, as in today’s world there are so many things that compete for and demand your attention; but when you don’t feel well, that health challenge, depending on its severity, usually takes center stage – and at those moments, we can truly appreciate the importance of good health.  There are many facets to health – physical, mental and emotional – and each component requires your energy and attention.  Learning how to attend to and balance your health needs is a process; as a child, you didn’t come with instructions; but over time, you can develop wellness skills, so that good hygiene and health become second nature and seamlessly integrate into your life.

Your health indicators are uniquely personal – we all have subtle differences; and although a large majority of us may share some common health benchmarks, we all are unique individuals with many factors that determine our health, such as – age, profession, gender, genetics etc.  The point is not to compare. This is your vision and you have to decide what role health plays in your life. Your position and feelings regarding health are not static, and may vary over time for a number of reasons. Being healthy requires your engagement and persistence and impacts all areas of your life.  So lets dive deeper, by putting your health status and recent path under the scope.  I will be back with you all next week, when we build off of this self-assessment, and create an exciting and attainable 20/20 Health Vision!

DAY 16 ASSIGNMENT [All questions relate to your Physical health unless otherwise indicated.]

  1. General Health Status
    • How much of a priority has your health been for you?
    • How do you feel right now, physical health-wise? (1-10 scale, 1 being not very good, and 10 being excellent)
    • Do you think you are a healthy person? [1-10 scale, 1 being not very health, and 10 being extremely healthy]
  2. Fitness & Exercise
    • Do you exercise? If not, why?
    • How often?
    • What type(s) do you do?
    • What were your top 3 fitness goals from 2011-2015?  (B) How did you do with them? [Refer to the Day 7’s typical outcomes after we set goals, to describe what happened.]
  3. Nutrition & Diet
    • What is your typical diet?
    • How healthy is your diet? [1-10 scale, 1 being not very healthy and 10 being extremely health]
    • How often do you eat? [2 meals, 3 meals, 4 meals, 5 meals, 6 meals, other]
    • Do you make your own meals? [Y/N]
    • Do you eat organic? [Y/N]
    • Do you take supplements? (vitamins, protein shakes, etc.) [Y/N]
    • How often do you over-indulge with emotional eating – by either eating too much or eating junk food excessively? [Daily, 1-2x/wk, Occasionally (1-2x/mo), Rarely, Never]
  4. Sleep
    • How many hours do you typically sleep?
    • Is that enough?  If not, how many hours do you really need?
    • What is the quality of your sleep? (1-10 scale, with 1 being poor 10 being great)
    • Do you have any sleep issues? If so, why?
    • What time do you generally go to bed?
    • Do you drink coffee or take anything to stay awake or be energized daily?
  5. Body Care
    • What do you do to physically take care yourself (i.e. massage, acupuncture, etc)? How often per month?
    • Where in your body do you carry your stress or tension?
    • Do you have any notable health issues? How prominent are they in your life? (1-10, with 1 being very little effect – and 10 being a daily challenge)
    • How often do you get sick? [# of days sick per year on average, from 2011-2015]
    • Do you take medications frequently? [Never, Only When Really Sick, Occasionally, Frequently, Daily]
  6. Mental & Emotional Health
    • What is the range of your stress levels throughout a typical week? [1-10 Scale; Circle one number for the low-end, and another for the high-end, with total tranquility as 1, and major, nervous breakdown level stress as 10]
    • How do you deal with stress?
    • Are you able to express your emotions in a healthy way? Describe how you communicate your feelings.
    • Are you aware of how stressful situations impact your health and life? Give 3 examples.


THANK YOU David Owens for collaborating on this, and bringing your years of personal experience, in helping people get their health in order on all levels, to the table.  We will all be better for it.  See you all tomorrow, on Day 17.


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