Day 19: Spirituality...Do I Know Who I (Really) Am?

DAY 19: SELF-ASSESSMENT – Spirituality…Do I Know Who I (Really) Am?

Welcome to Day 19 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Spirituality

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Today, you have on tap the 7th and final of 7 assessments – Spirituality – with a particular focus on the last 5 years of your life.  The overview of 7 assessments is below, illustrating what is completed, where we are today, and what is to come in the following days.

  1. Career Assessment (Day 13)
  2. Personal Finances Assessment (Day 14)
  3. Personal Aims & Hobbies Assessment (Day 15)
  4. Health Assessment (Day 16)
  5. Relationships Assessment (Day 17)
  6. Place & Environment Assessment (Day 18)
  7. Spirituality Assessment (TODAY – Day 19)

God and Love are the two most confusing and complicated subjects to discuss, assess and contemplate, for nearly everybody.  Whether or not we acknowledge it, they touch upon everything that we do, and color all of our plans and goals.  Regardless of what you believe today – which may be different from what you were taught as a child, or felt to be true 5 years ago – Spirituality plays a major role in your life; this includes the possibility that you have not thought about nor made a place for it, consciously, in your daily routine.  In this way, Spirituality is much like Health – it is influential regardless; and whether and how we prioritize it (or not) will determine how much benefit we derive.  All of the prior assessments essentially roll-up into this grand category – as you will notice there have been questions all along related to our emotional health (Day 16) and relationship to self (Day 17).

Your Spirituality is essentially your life philosophy – what you believe it’s all about, and how that impacts how you think, feel and act.  In my view, Spirituality entails the following components, and addresses life’s most profound questions:

  1. Purpose.  Why am I here on Planet Earth and in this human form?  What is my purpose?
  2. Self-Knowledge.  Who am I – at a deeper level, beyond the human form, race, gender and nationality that I came into being as?
  3. Karma.  Why do things happen to me and others in the world as they do (i.e. the good, the bad – wars, crimes, etc)?  Is it random or pre-destined?
  4. Destiny.  Who is in charge here?  Do I have to be compliant with a specific religion or Spiritual path in order to be at peace with myself and be in God’s good graces; or is God within us, and we get to self-determine our destinies?  Or is everything just random?
  5. Healing.  How can I feel tranquil and connected to “something beyond myself” on a day-to-day basis?  How do I move through and beyond the pain that I have experienced in life?

These are big questions, and not ones that can be answered by the intellect, or within any short period of time.  It is a lifetime’s work, for those who are willing to dedicate themselves to an honest self-inquiry process.  Having been on such a seeker’s path – consciously since I was 19 (well over 20 years now, over half of my life) – I can attest to my truth at least, that the rewards, such as inner peace, clarity, emotional strength, seemingly magical guidance, and a deeper sense of presence/being/awareness, have been immeasurable.  Further, all of the sincerest, emotionally strongest and authentically happiest people that I know are ones that have placed Spirituality as the #1 priority in their lives.  My Spiritual mentor, Dario Salas, sums it up best in his latest masterpiece of a book – Cosmic Currency – as follows:

Usually humans live by virtue of what they have and not by what they are. They are manipulated by a personality that is a part of a system that maintains strict control of their behavior so that it fits within the dominant social scheme.  

Conversely, the option to live in the being, through the being and for the being, according to the universe’s highest laws, offers a bonus for the human individual and can lead to the most profound happiness, harmony, order, coherence and wisdom. This depends only on oneself. The human being has inherited a particle of the universe’s divine light and needs the requisite insight to understand that, although in the tiniest amount, this particle is “heaven’s light.” It is what is called the spirit or the being and it is one’s most sacred duty to care for and develop it. If successful, one will have the moral and executive authority of the righteous, allowing one to secure the necessary spiritual and material resources. Then, one will not be just a millionaire bereft of spiritual resources, but a complete and balanced person.


  1. Spiritual Views
    • What are your current views and feelings about Spirituality?  What does it mean to you?
    • [The Past] Who and what influenced your Spiritual views early on in life?
    • [The Present] Who are your current role models or mentors in this area?  Why do you admire their approach to and views on life?
  2. Spiritual Practices
    • How much time do you spend specifically, each week, on Spiritual practices, interactions, reading, writing, etc?
    • How have your Spiritual practices and/or beliefs changed in the past 5 years?
  3. Spiritual Insights & Growth
    • What IQs (Goal Type 4) have been influenced – positively or negatively – by your Spiritual practices – or lack thereof?
    • List 5-10 insights that have you gained, in relation to the 5 components of Spirituality noted above, over the past 5 years?
      • My Purpose on Planet Earth is _____________
      • Beyond my outer form, I am _____________
      • My Karma has shown me _____________
      • Destiny is determined by _____________
      • I have healed emotional wounds from ____________

This is a vast area of self-exploration, focused more on the internal world than external.  Take your time and come back to it as necessary, over the remainder of days in the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge.  See you tomorrow for Day 20!

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