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DAY 21: VISION CREATION – Planting & Nurturing Seeds in Your [Life] Garden

This is Day 21 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge.

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Exit Phase 2 – Self-Assessment.  Enter Phase 3 – Vision Creation.  It’s finally time to start breaking out that bucket list, and bringing all of your forward-looking dreams and BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) to the table.  Are you ready?

For all of your existence, seeds have been planted in your garden (of life), every single day.  Seeds reflect possibilities, they reflect your potential in so many aspects of life.  How and what those seeds grow to be is entirely dependent on the attention and nurturing that they get – your Internal Ecology (to use the phrase of my Spiritual teacher, Dario Salas).  Some will turn into weeds, due to neglect.  While others grow beyond your control and imagination, taking on a life of their own.  As you set out upon creating a 20/20 Vision, it is imperative to take full ownership of the seeds being planted in your garden.  Your Internal World (Day 10) was, and likely still is, largely influenced by others, who hopefully planted good seeds.  Good or bad, as an adult, it is your responsibility to take control over your garden.

Think Big.  Now is the time.  We will get into the details later on in the process.  Let go of your fears and limitations for the next half-hour, and imagine that anything is possible – because it virtually is.  Close your eyes and say the following statement three times (right now, and for the remaining 9 days of the Vision Creation Phase, preferably before doing each day’s assignment) –

In my Life and 20/20 Vision, anything and everything is possible.  I will do whatever it takes to discover and fulfill my true Life Purpose – and in doing so, I will become the person that I want to be by the Year of 2020.  Nothing can stop me from achieving my 20/20 Goals.  I believe in myself, will invest in myself and am open to receiving support from the Universe, in whatever form it may come.

Powerful stuff.  The deeper you are able to silence the skeptical inner voices and allow yourself to believe in this statement, the higher your chances of success will be.  Keep practicing this – and other positive mantras, maybe something of your own writing – every day, even if you have to say it 100 times before it “feels” true.  You have to believe it as if it already is – that is how successful vision creation works – as if you are seeing into the future and feeling the reality of it.

Just as we had 7 days of Self-Assessments, we will use the same 7 areas to guide 7 days of Vision Creation (Days 23-29), which will give you a chance to create multi-tiered goals (BHAG, HLA – High Level of Achievement, and MLA – Minimum Level of Achievement).  Dream big (Day 22 Lesson) the way Jason Stile did when he saw AjustLock in a dream back in 2008, which led to the creation of Ajustco, now a company valued at over $10 million and growing.


  1. Imagine different areas of your garden, as in the Life Categories which you have created back on Day 2.  Who planted most of the seeds in your garden over the course of your life?  [Show in terms of % influence of Self vs. Others, and name “Others”]  Are you committed to taking full ownership of your (life) garden from this point forward?
  2. Reflecting on the 7 Self-Assessments from Days 13-19, list two BHAGs for 2020 – (1) Something related to a failure or shortcoming that you experienced over the last 5 years in each area; and (2) Something completely new in this area.
  3. Think about how strong your current tools (skills, approach, etc) are for tending to your garden – Strengths & Weaknesses from Day 3 is a useful review.
    • List up to 5 current skills and evaluate your level of proficiency [1-10 scale, with 1 as beginner level and 10 being mastery level] in each.
    • What level do you aspire to in each skill by 2020?  [1-10 scale]
    • What do those specific improvements look like?

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