This is Day 22 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Following Your Dreams (Literally)

DAY 22: VISION CREATION – Following Your Dreams (Literally)

This is Day 22 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Following Your Dreams (Literally)

This 30-day program is designed to guide you through the process of building a strong foundation and action plan for achieving all of your goals in this lifetime.  To this point, we have used various visualization, meditation and writing techniques to draw out aspects of your life vision, from deep within your core.  That all culminates in today’s core lesson, which also sets the stage for the following 7 days of Vision CreationHow to be a Dreamer.  In other words, today’s guidance is for you to tap deeper into your subconscious and illicit your deepest dreams and aspirations for this existence – your life’s purpose.

We start with the story of Jason Stile, who I’ve nicknamed “The Dreamer”, from our Panel of Experts.  Jason is one of my best friends and my business partner in an up-and-coming product development company called Ajustco.  The more you learn about Jason and his life, the more inspired you will be.  The key messages that come across are that – A) Your dreams (and subconscious mind) have transformative and illuminating power; B) You can achieve anything that you set your mind to; B) No obstacles or setbacks are too great to overcome, when you have sufficient will power (Remember Day 8’s meditation on Internal Energy Production).

Who better to tell Jason’s story than the man himself.  In this (4 minute) video from 2013, Jason talks about “the dream” that was the seed (reference: Day 21) for the beautiful, fruit-bearing tree that is now a highly successful company, which continues to grow every day.  Pay particular attention to these two minutes – from 1:25 – 3:23 – where the inspiration for AjustLock is described.  Interestingly enough, when I was approached by Jason to become his business partner, and in the months immediately after signing on, I had three explicit dreams myself which confirmed this direction and the future success of Ajustco.  More on that another time.


  1. Did you do your mantra today (assigned on Day 21)?  Did you exercise and meditate yet today (assigned on Day 8)?  Come back and check the respective boxes for each of these 3 activities if and when you do them today; as we approach the end of the program, these are increasingly vital to the potential and success of your 20/20 Vision.  You will be prompted on this (gently ;-)) every day.
  2. What do you dream about?
    • Describe the general themes, quality and lucidity of your dreams.
    • How often do you remember your dreams? [Choices: (A) Daily, (B) Most of the time, (C) Occasionally, (D) Hardly ever, (E) Never]
    • Have your dreams ever come true – as in, you dreamt about something and then it happened? [Y/N]  If so, list an instance when that happened.
    • For the remainder of the program [8 Nights of Dreaming], try to remember and write your dreams down first thing in the morning – or even if you wake up in the middle of the night, the way Jason described his experience in the video.  Note what themes, characters, settings, fears, hopes and aspirations were present.
  3. What are your life dreams?  This doesn’t have to be restricted to what your literal dreams (during sleep) are.  Right now, go beyond 2020 and even your 20/20 BHAGs (from Day 21’s Assignment)…and allow yourself to dream, in this moment, about everything you want your life to be.  Anything is possible.  Describe what you see.

Good luck Dreamer!  See you tomorrow for Day 23, where we will continue dreaming up your 20/20 Life Vision…and beyond.

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