Welcome to Day 23 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Career Dreams

DAY 23: VISION CREATION – Career Dreams

Welcome to Day 23 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Career Dreams

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We’re hitting the home stretch, with only 8 days left.  This most important Vision Creation Phase is where you get to dream big and lay the foundation for a fulfilling and productive life.

Back on Day 13, you were asked to assess the past 5 years of your work life, and essentially answer the question of how fulfilling your current career track has been over that time span.  Today, we begin the first of 7 forward-looking Vision Creations, starting in this same area.  The same question that I posed on Day 13 comes up again – “To what degree are you doing what you love?”  Today, we flash forward to the Year 2020, and the answer is a resounding “YES!!”  Now what needs to be done over the next 5 years in order for that statement to become a reality?

I will tell you a little bit of my story here.  I graduated from a great University (Columbia College, in New York City) back in 1996, where all major banks and consulting firms recruit top “talent” every year, giving them big salaries from the get go and putting them on the corporate “fast track” to success.  It was the American Dream at work – to compete and be on top of the world, in the world’s finance capital, Wall Street!  I did what everyone else was doing – setting up interviews and researching these companies, to make sure I could hold my own when they started drilling me with questions.  The process felt like a scene from any of these big corporate power movies – The Devil’s Advocate, The Firm, Wall Street.  I wasn’t feeling it.  I did get offers though, and considered them.  But what really inspired me was the start-up technology world.  I wanted to be a major part of a small team that took risks to bring new, innovative products and services to life.  I didn’t have any experience in this area, being a new graduate, but I felt inspired when I read and thought about entrepreneurship.  I had an inkling of a vision for my career track, and it didn’t have big corporate offices and a Wall Street lifestyle in it.  Not that there is anything wrong with that – in fact, I have many friends that went on that track, and have done very well, financially and personally.  It just wasn’t for me, and something inside my being knew it.  So I took a chance by joining my friend, Charles Balsamo, at a small startup called Exeter Technologies.  We were the Co-Founders – he was CEO and I was CFO, titles we knew little about, but grew into over the next three years.  Actually, in a startup, you wear so many hats – I was doing all the Sales & Marketing, as well as some R&D, in addition to HR and Finances.  It was the building of my foundation and experience in startup venture building – and I loved every minute of it, even the all-nighters, where we had to work around the clock to meet major deadlines.  You see, when you really love what you do, it doesn’t feel like work.  And that is what I have always sought after.  20 years later, I continue this journey, doing what I love every single day.


  1. Check-In: Have you done your – (A) Mantra, (B) Exercise, and (C) Meditation yet today?  If not, now’s the time. [Check Boxes]
  2. If you could change jobs, and do something totally new, what would it be?
  3. Reflecting back on Day 13’s Assignment – particularly the questions on Fulfillment – what changes would you need to make in your career to get both answers (on Fulfillment and Motivation) to 10 on the scale?
  4. Back on Day 21, you were asked to list 2 BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for Career and 6 other areas of life.  Focusing on Career only now, take that a step further, by adding 3-5 more Career BHAGs (so you should now have 5-7 Career BHAGs).  Write down what your MLA (Minimum Level of Achievement) is for each of those 5-7 Goals for 2020.  For example, if your current salary is $50,000/year, the BHAG may be – “I want to earn $200,000 per year by 2020.”  Then the MLA could be – “I will earn $100,000 per year by 2020.”
  5. Also on Day 21, Question 3 asked about specific skills that you are looking to build over the next 5 years.  Go deeper into that now, with a career focus, making sure you have 3-5 career specific skills that you plan to develop.  What specifically will you do in 2016 to develop those career-related skills?  How much time will you dedicate to this professional development in 2016 (per week)? #Skillbug
  6. The average worker spends 40 hrs * 50 weeks working = 2,000 hours.  How many hours will you spend working in 2016? #Workbug

As always, I wish you luck with this Vision Creation exercise.  You will continue dreaming up and creating 2020 visions for 6 other vital areas of your life over the coming days.  See you tomorrow for Day 24!

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