Welcome to Day 24 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Money Dreams

DAY 24: VISION CREATION – Money Dreams

Welcome to Day 24 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Money Dreams

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Back on Day 14, you were asked to assess your personal finances, and essentially answer the question of whether your “financial house” has been in over that the past five years.  If you completed the Day 14 Assignment, you have set forth your current financial status, and also explored your relationship to money.

The question that I want you to think about today is this – how do you want that relationship (to money) to change over the next 5 years?  This is not just about how much you have or make – it is about how you think and feel about the world of things, and how skillfully you are able to operate in that world.  We’ve all heard the phrase “More Money, More Problems”, a popular lament of the rich and famous, who often times have a hard time handling their financial affairs, especially when the money gets good.  While we may idolize these celebrities for their stature and seeming access to the finer things in life, how come it seems that many of them are not all that happy?  I think that it has to do with two main factors:

  1. They find out pretty fast that material things truly cannot lead to internal happiness.  Money may be nice to have, and can surely help us live a more comfortable and stress free life (if managed well); but in and of itself, it does not bring lasting joy.
  2. The energy that surrounds money and sought after material things can be overwhelming, and also attracts many negative forces; think about the entourages and all-of-a-sudden “friends” that wealthy athletes have after signing big contracts.  Everyone lining up for the money train, including financial “advisors”, lawyers and others that “want to help”, can be quite confusing for those who do not have the emotional maturity and sensibility to manage their own affiars.  CEO of Me, remember?  These folks did not build a proper Board of Advisors.

We don’t have to be multi-millionaire celebrities to experience these negative effects.  The pure chase for money and things, as well as our insecurities over our financial status, can drain us of our vital energy, and sabotage our positive traits.  The trick is to build a positive relationship to the material world, and not let it take over our soul.  I encourage you to keep this in mind as you develop your 2020 Vision.

Most of all remember, this is the time for Vision Creation, and big dreams.  When it comes to the material world, it should ideally be a reflection of the state of abundance and joy that you feel within.  As the Hermetic saying goes, explaining the Law of Correspondence – “As Above, So BelowAs Within (Internal Wealth), So Without (External Wealth).  


  1. Check-In: Have you done your – (A) Mantra, (B) Exercise, and (C) Meditation yet today?  If not, now’s the time. [Check Boxes]
  2. Your Money BHAG
    • The year is 2020.  How much money does you bank have in it?  Take a picture or screenshot of your current bank account balance, print it out, and edit the date and cash balance, writing in 12/31/2020 and your desired number.
    • Write a short story about what it will take for you to achieve your Money BHAG?
    • Who is your “finance team” that has helped you to not only attain but also manage your financial success?
    • What do you plan to do with any excess money that you come into by 2020?
  3. Lifestyle
    • Describe how your life will be different in 2020, as a result of the achievement of your Money BHAG.
    • How much more or less will you work as a result?
    • How many days a year will you be off or on vacation?
    • What additional material things will you have or have access to that you now don’t?
    • How will you feel, that is different than what you feel now?
  4. Money Goals of Others
    • Think about one other person in your life, who you want to see succeed with and change their relationship to money.  Who is it?
    • How do you want to see them change their financial fortunes by 2020?
    • How can you help them achieve this goal?
  5. Money Goals for the World
    • List one wish that you have for the world or a particular sector of the world when it comes to money.
    • What group of people or country can be most influential in helping this goal be attained?
    • How can you help, be it in any small way, to see this goal be achieved?

Now go make it happen 😉  I know, it’s not that easy…but you have taken the first few major steps by – A) Taking stock of your current status and relationship to money; and B) Envisioning a more evolved version of yourself, further along the path.  Good luck dreamer!  See you tomorrow for Day 25.


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