Welcome to Day 25 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Personal Dreams

DAY 25: VISION CREATION – Personal Dreams

Welcome to Day 25 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Personal Dreams

If you’ve arrived at this point, having completed the previous 24 lessons and exercises, then you are just 6 lessons away from completing the entire program.  Your ability to stick with things and see them through to completion – sequentially, in the progression that such programs are intended to flow – speaks volumes about your chances of obtaining most or all of your 20/20 Goals.

Today’s focus is on your Personal Life, building upon Day 15’s Self-Assessment of Personal Aims & Hobbies.  This is an area of your life that can be quite fulfilling and indicative of who you personality-wise.  Are you a person that likes to joke around and laugh a lot?  Then reading comics, watching funny movies, going to comedy clubs or just spending quality time with your best friends that make you laugh needs to get more priority in your busy schedule.  If you like to sing, dance and be expressive, maybe a weekly karaoke night, or learning an instrument could be in the cards for 2016?

Remember that a well-balanced life is generally more fulfilling than one in which you have “success” and competency in several areas, while other areas suffer.  Imbalance in any one area almost always causes dysfunction everywhere.  For example, think about a successful business executive, who is at the top of his or her trade; but on the flip side, extensive business travel and long work hours have caused his home life to suffer greatly.  A marriage is falling apart, and he is a stranger to his kids, never making time on weeknights or weekends to participate in any of their extracurricular activities.  He also does not “have” time to exercise or do any personal hobbies due to the excessive work demands, which leads to chronic and eventually serious health problems that threaten to derail all of the good things that he is achieving.  He thinks “well, this is what it takes to succeed, and I will not be sidetracked from my main goal of being on top.”  Let’s quickly evaluate how much energy he invests in, and what the corresponding fulfillment level is, for each of the 7 life areas that we have been evaluating.  Red = areas of serious deficiency, while Green = areas of success or surplus.

  1. Career: 65% Energetic Investment – 10/10 Fulfillment Score
  2. Personal Finances: 20% Energy – 9/10 Score
  3. Personal Aims & Hobbies: 3% Energy – 1/10 Score
  4. Health: 2% Energy – 1/10 Score
  5. Relationships: 5% Energy – 2/10 Score
  6. Place & Environment: 5% Energy – 5/10 Score
  7. Spirituality: 0% Energy – 1/10 Score

So with work life and overall life balance in mind, think about what “Me Time” activities and pursuits may give your life that added charm and sense of joy and fulfillment over the coming years.  Dream big here and don’t be held back by your inhibitions.  Remember that you do not have to do these feats tomorrow – you can build up to them gradually over the next five years.  Also, by using the word “Me”, I am not implying that these are solitary activities – by all means, be with the groups and people that share your enthusiasm for the things that you like to do.


  1. Check-In: Have you done your – (A) Mantra, (B) Exercise, and (C) Meditation yet today?  If not, now’s the time. [Check Boxes]
  2. Your Personal Bucket List
    • The year is 2020.  Looking back on Day 15’s Assignment (Question 3), and the Personal Aims that you were not able to achieve, were those all on your 2020 bucket list?  Why were you able to attain those goals and make time for those hobbies this time around?
    • List out any other new goals for your 2020 list.
    • On a ranking scale, rate how you will prioritize the items on the list, in terms of which one is most important to you (#1) versus second most important (#2), etc.
    • Next to the ranking, estimate how much time per month you plan to spend, on average, on each personal hobby or activity.
  3. Looking back from 2020 to 2016, which areas in your personal time have you cut down on or out completely?
  4. Personal Goals of Others
    • Think about one other person in your life, who you want to see enjoy more time for themselves, doing the things that you know would make them happy.  Who is it?
    • How do you want to see them attain those personal goals, making it happen by 2020?
    • How can you help them achieve their personal goals?
  5. Personal Goals for the World
    • List one wish that you have for the world or a particular sector of the world when it comes to personal aims and hobbies.
    • What advice would you give people who are on board with your wish – how can we all work together towards this aim in our personal lives?
    • How can you help, be it in any small way, to see this goal be achieved?

Good luck and have fun with this today.  Envision your life in its ideal state, and really try to feel that you have earned the right to do what you want and need to do for your own sense of happiness and achievement.  I’ll see you tomorrow for Day 26!


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