Welcome to Day 26 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Health Dreams.

DAY 26: VISION CREATION – Health Dreams

Welcome to Day 26 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Health Dreams.

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Today, you will embark upon the 4th of 7 Vision Creations – Health.  We have been talking about literal and Conscious Dreaming over the past 5 days, as an active method of uncovering your deepest, inner truth and life purpose.  Our resident Health Expert, David Owens, who previously guided your Health Assessment on Day 16, will now walk you through the development of your 20/20 Life Vision.



Hello again everyone. In our previous segment we asked a few questions with regards to a variety of aspects of your health.  Did you learn something about yourself? Did you see any patterns?  It’s important to think and reflect on your goals, and the next step is for you to get these ideas out of your head and take action to make them concrete.  This step is usually where you begin to bump up against some of the obstacles that can make you fail in materializing your goals.  These blocks can be external (i.e. finding and making the time) or internal (i.e. your inner voice saying “I’m not good at that, I’ll never achieve what I want to do so what’s the use.”)  As I am sure you already have experienced in the past, you will encounter an assortment of challenges in different areas of your life as you seek to improve your health.  The good news is that, with persistence and creativity all the goals you seek to achieve can be accomplished; the only caveat is that the questions you’ve answered in all of the assessments are honest and fair.  What I mean by honest is pretty straightforward – answering each of the questions where you are at the present moment…not where you want or intend to be.  When I say fair, that is to set goals which are achievable for you.  If you’ve never run long distance in your life, you are potentially setting yourself up for failure if you aspire to run a marathon in one month, and do so in under 3 hours.  Set goals that will inspire you to stretch yet that are also within your grasp, and not so challenging that you become discouraged.

So lets review the questions that were asked and as we review, maybe some of the suggestions may inspire you to bring your health and fitness goals to fruition.

General Health Status

  • How are you doing?
  • How do you feel?
  • Do you get seriously winded running up a flight of stairs?
  • Can you touch your toes?
  • Are you always sick and/or always have the sniffles?

Maybe you feel great most of the time but you don’t feel energized like you used to. No matter how fit you are, you can always improve a component of your health that will usually have a positive influence on other areas of your life.

Fitness and Exercise

  • Are you exercising?
  • Do you work out consistently?
  • More importantly are you having fun doing things that require your physical exertion?

Working out in a gym isn’t the only way to get fit.  Try new things, if you are in good shape but want another type of workout try dancing, hiking, or a martial art.  If you’re constantly active and your life is intense, try Tai chi, yoga, Gyrotonic or swimming.  Mix it up. You can do all of the above or have fun discovering something new.  What will help to keep you active is choosing an activity that you enjoy so it’s not viewed as a burden, and you look forward to doing it.  Choose activities that complement your persona.  If you like being outdoors, brisk walks are great; or if you like the camaraderie of team sports, consider joining a league for the sport you want to play.

Nutrition and Diet

Though it is cliché – you are what you eat.  Being active is very important; but what you eat, the quality of the food, and the quantity are factors if not taken into consideration, can undo all of the hard work you put in.  If you don’t like to cook, consider looking into food companies that make healthy prepackaged meals.  If you like to cook or want to learn a new skill, the culinary arts are wide open for exploration.


Sleep hygiene is such a highly under-appreciated component to your health and well-being.  Everyone has different requirements for the amount of sleep they need to operate at an optimal level; but the quality of the sleep is just as important.  If you consistently need coffee or other stimulants to make it through the day, you’re not getting enough quality sleep.  What may help is to make going to bed a ritual.  Turning off all electronic devices and not eating late are two things you can do to help get a good nights sleep’.

Body Care

Just like a car, your body needs maintenance and check-ups.  This does not necessarily mean you always have to go to the doctor.  There are various modalities that can be very useful in helping you maintain a healthy, pliable and vibrant body.  Massage, acupuncture and chiropractic adjustments are some of the more popular alternative means of self-care.

Mental and Emotional Health

As a complex being, your mental and emotional health are key components to your physical health.  If you are physically active, it helps in your dominant mind state.  Your mental and physical health feed off of each other.  It is important to have someone to talk to, whether it’s a friend or a professional.  We know when we are heard and understood.

Stillness is another very important part of our overall health.  Being active is one part, but consciously being still and feeling is equally important, as our energy needs to move like waves or alternating cycles instead of always going in high gear.  Not moving or thinking is the important opposite that balances out all of our physical and mental activity.

Most of the comments which I’ve expressed are common knowledge – yet many don’t act on what they know; would that be you?  The cure for regret is action in the present!  Here is your opportunity to change your life.

DAY 26 ASSIGNMENT [All questions relate to your Physical health unless otherwise indicated.]

  1. Check-In: Have you done your – (A) Mantra, (B) Exercise, and (C) Meditation yet today?  If not, now’s the time. [Check Boxes]
  2. Your 20/20 Health Goals & Dreams
    • The year is 2020.  You have achieved all of your health goals and feel on top of the world, physically, mentally and emotionally.  Describe what changes you made in your life to reach this state.  What changes and achievements did you make across the following areas:
      • Prioritizing your Health Goals vs. other Areas
      • Fitness & Exercise
      • Nutrition & Diet
      • Sleep
      • Body Care
      • Mental & Emotional Health
  3. Health Goals of Others
    • Think about one other person in your life, who you want to see make drastic improvements in their physical health.  Who is it?
    • How do you want to see them change their health by 2020?
    • How can you help them achieve this goal?
  4. Health Goals for the World
    • List one wish that you have for the world or a particular sector of the world when it comes to Health.
    • What group of people or country can be most influential in helping this goal be attained?
    • How can you help, be it in any small way, to see this goal be achieved?

Remember to dream big, while keeping your feet on the ground and being realistic in the process.  Your 20/20 Life Vision is attainable and within reach.  Best of luck to you, as 2015 comes to a close, and a new chapter/era begins.

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