Day 28: VISION CREATION – Place & Environment (PE) Dreams

Welcome to Day 28 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Place & Environment (PE) Dreams

Unlock the worksheet for today’s exercise by clicking here.

Today, you will embark upon the 6th of 7 Vision Creations –wherein your mission is contemplate deeply and set your intention on what the ideal surroundings are for you, in terms of your primary residence (country and city), home environment, frequency of travel and day-to-day settings (i.e. exposure to outdoors, nature, pollution, city life, etc).  Back on Day 18, we explored the same topic, from the standpoint of your current situation and the past 5 years.  I suggest that you review that Lesson and your answers to the associated Exercises, as you delve into your 20/20 Vision.

It is hard to predict where life is going to “take us”, in terms of new opportunities, people we will meet and places we will have to go in the future.  Remember that we are co-creators in that process, not just beholden to forces that are completely out of our control.  This is your chance to set your intention and tap into what life wants from us, and vice versa.  Feeling out where you need to be, and what kind of environment is optimal for your happiness and success in life, requires sensitivity and experimentation.


  1. Check-In: Have you done your – (A) Mantra, (B) Exercise, and (C) Meditation yet today?  If not, now’s the time. [Check Boxes]
  2. Place & Environment (PE) BHAGs + Bucket List
    • What major goals [BHAGs] do you envision for yourself by 2020? [i.e. moving to a new city, buying a vacation home, taking a month off each year for personal travel, etc.]
    • Your Bucket List can include simple goals as well – not everything has to be a monumental BHAG.  List out up to 10 items for your 2020 PE Bucket List.
    • On a ranking scale, rate how you will prioritize the items on the list, in terms of which one is most important to you (#1) versus second most important (#2), etc.
    • Next to the ranking, estimate how much time per year (between 2016-2020) you plan to spend, on average, working towards each BHAG and/or Bucket List item.
  3. Place & Environment Goals of Others
    • Think about one other person in your life, who you want to see enjoy a major transformation in their PE surroundings.  Who is it?
    • How do you want to see them attain those PE goals, making it happen by 2020?
    • How can you help them achieve their PE goals?
  4. PE Goals for the World
    • List one wish that you have for the world or a particular sector of the world when it comes to Place & Environment.
    • How can you help, be it in any small way, to see this goal be achieved?

Good luck today.  See you tomorrow for Day 29!  Only 2 days left, and we’ll be off and running with our 20/20 Vision.


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