Day 20: Arman's 5-Year Life Report Presentation

DAY 29: VISION CREATION – Spirituality Dreams

Welcome to Day 29 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge! Spirituality Dreams

Today, our focus is on your Spirituality Vision, or in other words, what you hope to experience along your inner journey over the next 5 years.  Back on Day 19’s Assignment, some deep questions were posed, as well as 5 key concepts raised – 1) Purpose, 2) Self-Knowledge, 3) Karma, 4) Destiny and 5) Healing.  Reflect back on your answers posted there as you work through today’s Vision Creation.

Speaking of Spirituality Dreams, one of the paths that I walk is the Sufi way.  The particular order of Sufis which I am part of – the Nur Ashki Jerrahi Community – pay particular attention and have the skill of dream interpretation.  We bring our dreams before the group’s leader, a very wise dervish named Fariha Fatima al Jerrahi, who interprets their special meaning for the dreamer as well as the community.  While Jason’s dream (Day 22) gave him career direction by leading to the formation of a successful company, other dreams can unveil guidance for different aspects of our lives.  Whatever your current level of sensitivity and connectedness to this unseen world, I recommend that you continue your training in this regard – go deeper in 2016 and beyond – so that you may continue to recognize the numerous directional sign posts that life puts along your path.  The deeper you go, the more all of your goals will fall into alignment with the Master plan.

Remember your Board of Advisors, first introduced on Day 4?  In no area is having a strong supporting cast as important as this one.  What tends to happen is that mentors from other areas of life (i.e. Career, Relationships, Hobbies) tend to take on an overall mentorship role that includes Spiritual aspects.  That is what a good mentor does – brings everything back to our life purpose and inner journey.  There is so much controversy and differences of opinion with regards to spiritual philosophy in the world, and along with that, a lot of pretenders and predators out there – people who don’t have either real knowledge or good intentions, but who prey off of others who are authentically eager and open to guidance.  You must follow your heart and intuition when it comes to aligning with any type of spiritual teacher or guide.

Today, in building on the mentorship concept, I want to encourage you to consider what other types of support structures you have in your life.  It’s not all about having a be-all, end-all mentor, which is not easy to find.  Sometimes, having peers, that are at or around your same level, can be as helpful as having a mentor; because those people are going through the same challenges as you are – they can relate.  Ideally, you would have both – guidance from those who have walked in your shoes and moved further along the path, as well as those who are walking the walk, right by your side.  Be it a formal support group, or informal group of friends, you really need this type of support – in my view and experience – without which it is easier to fall back on bad habits, loneliness, depression and other “negative” emotions.  This is the type of overall team that you, as CEOofMe, need to fulfill the deepest elements of your 20/20 Life Vision.


  1. Check-In: Have you done your – (A) Mantra, (B) Exercise, and (C) Meditation yet today?  If not, now’s the time. [Check Boxes]
  2. List 3-10 Spiritual “teammates”, and write a few notes about how you plan to connect with them this coming year.
  3. Spirituality BHAGs + Bucket List
    • A) What major goals [BHAGs] do you envision for yourself by 2020? [i.e. doing a 10-day meditation retreat; fasting for 30 days; writing down your deepest feelings and thoughts in a journal every day for a whole year, etc.]
    • B) List out up to 10 items for your 2020 Spirituality Bucket List [i.e. reading specific philosophy, self-help or religious books; visiting sacred sites; etc].
    • C) On a ranking scale, rate how you will prioritize the items on the list, in terms of which one is most important to you (#1) versus second most important (#2), etc.
    • D) Next to the ranking, estimate how much time in 2016 (on average, per week) you plan to spend, on each Spirituality BHAG and/or Bucket List item.
  4. Looking back at Questions 2-4 from Day 10 (Mapping Out Your Internal World)
    • A) Envision and describe how each of your listed I’s (ego aspects) will evolve by 2020.
    • B) As opposed to the voice that each ego aspect has now, what will it be saying in 2020, in its evolved form?
  5. Spirituality Goals of Others
    • A) Think about one other person in your life, who you want to see enjoy a major transformation or sense of peace and internal happiness in their lives.  Who is it?
    • B) How do you want to see them attain those inner journey goals, making it happen by 2020?
    • C) How can you help them achieve their Spiritual goals?
  6. Spirituality Goals for the World
    • A) List one wish that you have for the world or a particular sector of the world when it comes to Spirituality (i.e. World Inner Peace).
    • B) How can you help, be it in any small way, to see this goal be achieved? (Hint: start with yourself and in your own circle of family and friends, with things that you have direct influence on).

Congratulations on wrapping up the last of 7 Vision Creations!  Tomorrow is the last day (Day 30) of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge, where we get concrete about how all of the prior day’s meditations, self-assessments and vision creations coalesce into a comprehensive 20/20 Plan, that starts with your 2016 calendar and task list.  See you at the finish line!

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