Welcome to the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge Check-In!

So you have gone through this 30-day process of assessing your life and creating a new 5-Year Plan for 2020. If not, click here to sign up and get 30 days of lessons right to your inbox.

Welcome to Phase 4 of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge, the Reinforcement Phase, which essentially acts as a guiding light for your aspirations and continues for the next five years!  We start with the Weekly Check-in routine, where the rubber meets the road, and you plan and log your weeks, all in the context of your 2020 Vision.  One of the major keys to success in life is to continually keep both Macro (2020 Vision) and Micro (daily and weekly tasks) in sync.  It is easier said than done, and that is why you are here.  This program is designed to help you do just that.  Ideally, you would go through this check-in 52 times a year, once for each week.  Realistically, it’s hard to keep up with, and therefore, I would recommend two, and no less than one check-in per month.  Keep in mind that there will be other periodic Check-Ins, such as Monthly, Quarterly and Annual.

The point of Check-ins is to keep yourself on track, and make adjustments along the way, as your plans and goals run into the realities of life.  To succeed, you must be adaptable and be ready to make changes when life presents new opportunities, surprises and/or obstacles.  Weekly Check-ins also stand as a reminder of what you had set out to accomplish over the course of the year.

Here is how the Weekly Check-in works.  This is essentially an Exercise that is similar to the 30 Assignments which you received during the course of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge.

  1. This should start just before a new week, so say on Saturday or Sunday for the upcoming week.  I propose a Monday – Sunday week, with Monday as the first day, since that is how most of the working and educational world operates.
  2. Try to do this exercise after you either physically exercise, meditate or both.  This way, your blood will be flowing, energy should be relatively calm, and mind as clear as possible.
  3. Open the Weekly Check-In Module (in Timebug) or if you don’t have access to the Timebug App, then use the 20/20 Life Vision Worksheet called “Weekly Check-In Template”.
  4. Before filling in the template (in PDF) or form (in App), Review Day 2 (What Do You Want to Do More or Less Of?), Day 30 (Path to 20/20: 8,784 Hours) and at least one of the 7 Vision Creations (Days 23-29).  The purpose is to reconnect you with your Macro vision, but from a practical, Time & Energy allocation point of view.  How you would ideally spend your weeks, and what you had planned for all of 2016 are important statements, that should be revisited throughout the year.
  5. Fill in the Plan side of the Check-In Worksheet.  Here you do the following:
    • List up to 3 Key Intentions & Themes for the coming week
    • Estimate your Time Allocation across up to 7 Life Categories, for a total of 168
    • List up to 7 Primary Goals for the week
    • Note up to 3 of your Most Important Appointments from this week’s calendar
  6. Before moving on from your Plan and before beginning the coming week, repeat your preferred 20/20 Mantra – either something that you wrote which inspires you or the 20/20 Life Vision Mantra that I set forth on (Lucky) Day 21: Planting Seeds.
  7. Every evening, during the course of the week, take 2 minutes to note how you felt in general (= Strength Levels) during the course of the day on all four scales – Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual.  Do this either by writing in a number from 1-10 for each, or by using the associated shapes in the Strength Levels Week Grid.
  8. At the end of the week, take note of the following:
    • Your Overall Thoughts & Feelings about the Week, in a few sentences
    • Assess whether you progressed or regressed in each of the main Life Categories, as well as log (regardless of how accurate you were in tracking time during the week) how you spent your 168 hours during across these categories.  Which areas did you prioritize most this week, which may have changed from what you had pre-planned?
    • Were your Personal Finances steady this week, or did you receive a boost (ie. collected a bonus, got a raise at work, received a tax refund or other unexpected money); or did you take some kind of financial hit (ie. stocks lost major value, bills went unpaid, bank account hit a low point, etc)?  You may want to quickly take a glance at Day 24’s Lesson [Money Vision] and your executed Assignment as you address this.
    • What other Internal Qualities and tendencies showed up in you this week?  For example, were you generally more Active or Passive before life (use percentages)?  Solitary or Interactive?  Confident or Shy?  An Early Bird or Night Owl?  Motivated or Lazy?  Courageous or Scared?  Focused or Distracted?
    • Name up to 3 Main Characters in your Life Story this week, and note on a 5- (lowest/negative) to 5+ (highest/positive) scale what impact they had on you.
    • Name up to 3 Primary Locations or Settings where your Story unfolded during the week, and again, how harmonious were you with those surroundings (5- to 5+ scale, with 0 being neutral).
  9. Either print & sign or e-sign the Weekly Check-In Sheet, that states “I experienced Week X of 2016, and now file it away.  It’s time to March Forth!”
  10. Rinse and Repeat for the following week.  Weekly Check-Ins are like going to the gym and building a muscle.  Once you get started, it gets (positively) addictive, and can become the type of disciplined habit that boosts productivity and puts your goals within reach.

So don’t wait any longer, or else you risk losing the momentum that you had built over the course of the 30 days of the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge [Phases 1-3].  Get the first Weekly Check-In under your belt.

To get the worksheet for the first Weekly Check-In, simply click below:

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