In your five-year plan, there are 20 quarters (4 per year * 5 years = 20).  Similar to a 26-mile marathon, this is certainly not a sprint and it requires endurance.  While I totally understand why daily and weekly check-ins can be hard to keep up with, we all have less excuses when it comes to a monthly check-in – and absolutely no excuses when it comes to the Quarterly.  Having this birds eye view of how you kicked off 2016 will be an invaluable tool as you move forward on your journey.  91 Days (instead of the typical 90), thanks to the Leap Day of February 29, and 2,184 Hours were part of your experience – think back or reflect on your journal to summarize what the quality of those hours was.


Did you achieve some or most of what you had set out to accomplish in Q1?  If not, without feeling badly about it, write down a few reasons why.  In my own case, I spent the last week of the quarter fairly sick with a chest cold and cough.  It is not an excuse, as I still went about my days and responsibilities during that time; however, that extra energetic umph (yes that’s a word!), I just didn’t have it to close out the quarter as strongly as I would have liked to.  So take note of any such unexpected occurrences, like illness or injury, as well as general complacency and distractions, which are some of the most common saboteurs of our most important life plans.

Just as important as what you achieved over the course of the initial 3 months of 2016 is how you felt during the quarter, and more so, how you feel right now, as we are at the cusp of Q2.  Take note of this, on the same scale that we have been using – Mental, Emotional, Physical and Spiritual [1-10 scale].

After these initial reflections, turn your attention to the present moment and this “new” period, on multiple levels.  Every day is a new day, and opportunity to restart your engine, rejuvenate energetically and approach life the way that you really want to.  What do you really want to accomplish over the next 90 days – by the end of June 2016?  Set your intention – mind, body and soul – to this purpose, focusing on one or two things in particular, that you feel are most significant in your life right now.  With the winds of a new Spring behind us, we can achieve a lot this season.

I for one, am excited to usher in the Spring with a 40-day dietary plan, with the purpose of cleansing on all fronts.  I won’t go into the details of what it entails, but it is an energy booster and assists me in focusing on what is most important.  Let that be the key message as we ramp up here in Q2 – FOCUS.  Whatever we did in Q1, see that as a setup and trial run for a very focused, productive and harmonious Q2.

Good luck to us all!  Here is to our individual and collective success.  As always…March Forth!


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