Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the 20/20 Life Vision Challenge?
A: A 30-Day personal development program that walks you through the process of creating a 5 Year Life Plan.

Q: It seems like a lot of work.  How much time do I have to spend on this?
A: It takes only 30 minutes a day

Q: Do I have to start it in a specific time period?
A: Ideally, you would start it before or within the First Quarter of 2016 (Jan-Mar), but it can be done at any time.  The beginning of a new month is a good time, or anytime within December 2015, before New Year’s Resolution time.

Q: What if I miss a lesson and can’t get it done every day?
A: That is OK!  If it takes you 35 or 50 days to finish the challenge, that is fine.  Just try not to let too much time go between lessons.  This is like going to the gym – building that muscle requires consistency.

Q: Can I do more than one a day?
A: It is possible if you’re playing catch up, but I would not rush this.  These lessons are like food; they need time to be digested.  The whole program is akin to 30 days worth of nutrient rich food – it isn’t healthy to try to consume it all in one day!

Q: Who is Arman and this Panel of Experts?  How do I know if I can trust them?
A: 20/20 Life Vision is Arman Rousta’s creation, based on his life experiences.  You can read more about Arman either here or on his personal blog.  Arman has compiled a team of people – all of whom he can personally vouch for – who has personally experienced and experimented almost every form of motivation, philosophy, personal and professional development, psychological counseling, healing and life coaching out there.  Each team member meets a high ethical standard, and has had major professional and personal successes in their lives.  They are experts and role models for how to live well and true to their inner purposes.